Enabling productivity can have many different results - it can mean lower cost, shorter cycle times, increased value, less people, streamlined processes, and more.

At Springhill Consulting Group we enable productivity in two fundamental ways:

  1. Efficiencydefined as producing the same outputs with less expensive or fewer resources
  2. Effectivenessdefined as producing more or better outputs with the same resources

Springhill Consulting Group helps leaders drive efficiency and effectiveness in their organizations through a pragmatic and tested approach. This approach focuses on identifying best practices (focused outside of the client organization) to inspire thinking and potential for changes. In addition, we use an iterative process focused on building commitment and “buy-in” to the recommendations by engaging various stakeholders throughout the organization. This helps to ensure that any engagement is stressing actionability and results over all else.

Four key service areas underlie our Productivity Offering:


We help our clients design and/or refine their organizational structure to achieve strategic and operational objectives. The focus is on making effective design choices, creating effective talent systems (alignment, assessment, acquisition and retention), and coordinating the new structure to the organizations delivery model.


We work with our clients to redesign or create the processes that help deliver value in an efficient and effective manner. Often process redesign is aimed at reducing complexity, shortening activity cycle times, eliminating redundancies, improving handoffs, and ensuring proper distribution of activities. We analyze roles and responsibilities at a detailed level, using mapping techniques to identify key problem areas, opportunities, and strategic choices regarding processes. Ultimately, we strive to rethink, redevelop, and redeploy processes in a more productive manner.


Governance is a key facet of productivity. Often, organizations have good policies and/or procedures but their execution misses the mark and limits productivity. An effective governance structure is critical to operational success by better enabling communication and oversight. Our typical approach evaluates leadership, policy, incentives, and measurement to assign and uphold decision-making.

Cost Structure

Significant productivity improvements can often be achieved by restructuring the cost structure of an organization. While the concept is easily understood, execution has to consider:

  • Impact on business model
  • Location of redundancies
  • Opportunities to standardize and optimize processes
  • Changes to organizational design
  • Talent structures and headcount

We help our clients to optimize each of their four largest business cost categories:

  1. Cost of Goods Sold (or Cost of Sales)
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Research and Development
  4. General and Administrative