Springhill Consulting Group delivers unique insights through a select set of methodologies and frameworks, all entirely focused on our client's problem.

Our approach is iterative and flexible ensuring that our client gets value from the outputs and the process, while not being distracted from his or her day-to-day responsibilities. Our relentless focus on both our client's problem and our client's experience brings better results and more value.

Better Results

  • Holistic and fact-based decision making
  • Original research and analysis brings fresh fact-base and up-to-date insight to decision making
  • Insight spans all relevant value chain participants, with emphasis outside of our client
  • Client driven analyses
  • All analyses are customized and focused on our client need
  • Delivery model includes frequent updates to allow for regular client review, collaborative integration of clients’ thoughts, and the development of strategies that clients support and can execute
  • Leadership led
  • Springhill principals are intimately involved in all project work, supported by experienced and dedicated project teams

More Value

  • Quality guaranteed
  • We put 50% of professional fees at risk, allowing clients to pay up to their level of satisfaction
  • More affordable
  • Overhead is not charged back to clients in the form of arbitrary administrative fees or other hidden costs
  • Lower project expenses due to infrequent on-site presence
  • Faster
  • Solutions are delivered in short time-frames, typically 4-8 weeks