Springhill Consulting Group approaches each engagement with a focus on solving our client's problem and providing a positive client experience. Our delivery model was developed to ensure positive outcomes on both fronts.

Projects are managed with a highly iterative model providing an opportunity for our client to monitor the project status and use insights in real-time. Our proven process ensures that there is client commitment to the outcomes which builds agreement and ownership. Partner-led project leadership means that our client has access to our entire team, not just junior consultants.

Springhill Consulting Group employs a flexible problem solving approach, drawing from an array of data gathering and analytical techniques.  Core to all Springhill analyses is a distinguished, original research capability.  Springhill consultants are differentiated in their ability to bring new, fresh insights to the discussion.  These insights are the backbone of any analysis and ultimately define whether you theorize about a solution or you develop achievable action plans to solve the problem.  Research techniques and expertise, include:

  • Primary research-Direct interviews with market participants
  • Secondary research
  • Survey- Online and phone-based
  • Database research- Analysis of subscription databases
  • Field research- Interviews and observation done in-person
  • Facilitation- Workshop leadership for groups focused on decisions

Based on our client's issue and the data to be analyzed, Springhill pulls from a variety of qualitative and quantitative frameworks that we believe will generate the most insightful analyses and actionable solutions for clients.  Analytical frameworks and concepts applied include, but are not limited to:

  • Benchmarking
  • Mapping
  • Scenario Planning
  • Best Practices
  • Gap Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Case Studies
  • Opportunity Screening
  • Etc.

Springhill approach was developed based on experiences and an understanding of what leaders need to be successful. Our delivery approach ensures a low risk, client controlled, high value experience.