We believe that the process for developing these business guides is nearly as critical as the ultimate strategy or plan, itself. We employ an iterative process focused on getting the right inputs, analyzing the most up-to-date and insightful data, ensuring commitment for change throughout the organization and driving towards action-oriented, well-informed outputs.

We provide two Growth Strategy services:

Strategy Development:

Businesses require common direction, purpose, and goals to thoughtfully guide operating choices.  A sound Growth Strategy serves this purpose.  At the foundation, organizations require a mission and value statement to ground growth strategy development.  Once the core is established, organizations are prepared to make the difficult choices that will ultimately inform resource allocation decisions.  Springhill typically supports the key areas of growth strategy: portfolio planning, strategic posture, and performance objectives.

Strategic Planning:

For organizations that have developed a growth strategy, we help operationalize it into near and medium-term Execution plans. Growth Planning takes the Growth Strategy, Company Situation, Market Environment, and the Organization’s Capabilities as inputs into a process that identifies and gets commitment to the strategic goals. Further, we help define and assign Business Objectives to relevant Operating Units and Functions. Lastly, we work with these groups to develop specific Execution Plans and Actions that have clear ownership, timelines, budgets, and resources.